Tottenham Court Road two-way

The proposals will deliver a radical transformation of the Tottenham Court Road area, making it safer and more attractive for residents and visitors, creating new public spaces and providing high quality public realm to attract and sustain business.

The one-way system will be replaced with two-way streets, some protected cycle lanes and new public
space. The scheme will reduce congestion and pollution, widen pavements and make bus journeys quicker. It involves significant innovation, and will, for example, allow freight access and taxi access only at certain times to help transform the streets during the main working day when pedestrian and cycling numbers are highest. The project was developed to cope with the new demand that will result from the new Crossrail service, and has also taken advantage of the traffic reduction in the area from the redevelopment of Tottenham Court Road station.

The project and its development have involved input from a wide number of stakeholders, which has strengthened and expanded the scheme, and is being implemented utilising a package of funding from multiple sources.

Visual 3 Tottenham Court Road Proposed_rgb
Two-way traffic scheme on Tottenham Court Road (artists impression)