Oxford Street West

The vision for Oxford Street is that it should be the world’s best outdoor street shopping experience, complementing Regent Street and Bond Street by offering an unrivalled mix of flagship and branded stores. More than this, there is opportunity to integrate with a wider network of retailers, leisure and cultural attractions across the surrounding streets. The arrival of Crossrail 1 from late 2018 provides a further catalyst to improve the quality of the area and position it as the world’s favourite place to shop and visit.

The Partnership, supported by the property owners on Oxford Street, has drawn up a cross-cutting vision plan that will join with, and build on, complementary projects to transform the street and wider area:

Reducing Traffic

  • A comprehensive reduction in vehicles of all types with greater use of suitable surrounding streets for loading, servicing and taxi pick up.
  • Improvements in public realm and prioritisation of pedestrians to create the right ambiance for a successful trading environment.
  • Radically improve the street’s air quality and additional measures to reduce traffic accidents.

Creating Modern Retail Spaces

  • Improvements to the scale and design of buildings with appropriately redeveloped stores.
  • A renewed mix of new and established retailers to provide a compelling shopping and visitor experience.
  • A seamless and intuitive system of shopper information online to guide visitors.
  • Greater investment in marketing to cement Oxford Street’s brand position both internationally and in the UK.

High Quality Public Realm

  • More space for pedestrians including ‘oasis’ spaces both on Oxford Street and side streets.
  • More robust management and maintenance to provide a safe, clean and welcoming environment with less street furniture and other clutter.

CrossRail Hanover Square final image with correct roofline and massing_rgb
Hanover Square – Bond Street Crossrail station (artist’s impression)