Medopad is a high growth company and the leading enterprise mobile health solution that delivers patient information and clinical applications straight into the palm of a doctors hand.

As a start-up, Medopad found an ideal home to grow its business from Hub Westminster. Co-founder Dr Rich Khatib estimates over £750,000 has, through various rounds of fundraising, been raised for Medopad at Hub Westminster.

The inspiration for Medopad began in the wards of King’s College Hospital, London, where co-founders Dan Vàhdat and Dr Rich Khatib discovered the daily challenges health practitioners face from not having instant access to patient information. Fast forward 3.5 years, Medopad has grown exponentially and is being piloted in 69 hospitals across the UK, including two NHS Trusts. Using Google Glass integration, they have developed the first wearable patient health records. The company now has its own office in the West End and international offices in Salt Lake City, USA, Munich, Germany, and Dubai, UAE.  Primary clients are large hospital groups and large pharmaceutical companies, and since 2012, Medopad has been a supplier to the NHS.

In 2015, Medopad was named Most Innovative Small Business in London by the GREAT Faces of British Business Competition, in association with UK Trade & Investment and BT Business.

West End Partnership - Medopad

Medopad named most innovative company in London, receiving the prestigious award from The Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP, UK Minister of State for Business and Enterprise