Case studies

London’s West End is one of the most celebrated and exciting places in the world. It has a wealth and variety of talent, activity, character, space, architecture, heritage and ambience. It is home to vibrant communities and thriving business clusters, a focus for culture and entertainment, a centre of learning and research, and a hub for commerce and retailing. It is both an economic powerhouse and a mix of urban neighbourhoods. It is uniquely resourceful, busy, productive, diverse and dynamic.

In short, it is a place of many places.

The range of case studies below show some of the West End’s highlights in our three key areas:

The Partnership will improve the lives of those who work, live and visit the West End

Helping People in to work

The Partnership will maintain the West End as a place of vital importance in the UK’s capital city

Tottenham Court Road two-way
Oxford Street West

The Partnership will increase prosperity for the West End

The Garage
Soho Create